system of add-on elements made in fused glass technique

biomimicry inspired by Diatoms auxosporulation reproduction

Diatoms are micro algae with a silicon based structure.
They play a key role into environment and into life creation cycle.
Diatoms have two different ways to reproduce themselves, one consist in an asxual division of the cell from which a new smaller cell born, when this division leads to an extreme reduction of size diatoms produce a spore called auxospore that create a bigger cell.

This add-on elements are made of glass such as the diatom scheleton is made of silicon (which is the basic element of glass). Adding this tiny elements to another existing objects they recreate a new function and aesthetic within the existing object.

This project was firstly presented during the international exhibition Diatom De-Science “intersection between design and science” which took place in July 2014 at the Science Center of Naples – Italy

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